Last Minute, Take Two

Elm Street Run Festival (2)

PC: Elm Street Run Festival

Just like last week, I identified a relatively nearby running event, this time the Elm Street Run Festival 10 Mile in Greensboro, North Carolina, that permitted online registration up to race day, May 13, 2023, and set my alarm to 5:00 AM to decide then. Again justifying I would run this day anyway, after a few hours of sleep, I ate a piece of bread and chugged Gatorade Zero, registered online, took a longer shower this time, and headed out for a 70-minute drive to the venue. Because I continue to participate in races last minute, I tend to pay significantly more than those who sign up early and often do not receive all the swag, this time missing out on the event T-shirt due to all sizes being sold out; nevertheless, I do not feel comfortable committing too far in advance in case something comes up that could prevent me from going, and I only make exceptions for World Marathon Majors (because I have to).

Elm Street Run Festival

PC: Elm Street Run Festival

Elm Street Run Festival Post-Race

Two-time champ!

Not seeing many 10-mile participants upon arrival, I was concerned about navigation, prompting me to ask a fast-looking runner about the course. He happened to be the reigning champion who predictably reclaimed the title, and unsurprisingly he has run a 2:17 marathon and was using this as training for an upcoming marathon in Canada. To my relief, so that I could follow them if confused, many more people toed the line out of nowhere right before the start. The course ran up and down from start to finish, and the 463 feet of elevation gain in just 10.12 miles, according to my COROS, felt more challenging, especially in the latter half, thanks to the rapidly approaching summer heat that will continue to worsen for the next several months. I opened up the first mile in 8:06 and hoped to maintain this pace, but considering the hills, I am content with a 1:30:29.7 finish.

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