Spontaneous Gobble

Skinny Turkey 10K Post-RaceThanksgiving does not yet feel like Thanksgiving without starting out with a turkey trot, as has been my tradition for years, since my time in Nebraska. I had difficulty locating a sufficiently long race in the vicinity, and when the Skinny Turkey event confirmed I could still sign up on-site race morning the late night before, I figured I would probably go but still did not fully commit mentally. Thanks to my insomnia, waking up around 4:30 AM, I decided to get ready and head out. I chose the 10K and was made aware its notorious hills. The run kicked off with a short climb, and as told, the entire race repeated ups and downs with almost no flat. Thanks to the cool temperature, however, I was not impacted by these hills in terms of endurance and did not find them overly challenging. I maintained a decent and consistent pace throughout the entirety and crossed the finish line in 53:30.743, with my COROS reading 446 feet of elevation gain in 6.30 miles.

Thanksgiving 2022 at Golden Corral

Back at Golden Corral!

Because I did not listen to music and consequently my mind was not occupied, I made myself, in light of Thanksgiving, take some time counting my blessings, which naturally led to thanking and praising God. I am grateful to my Father for His love, grace, and mercy for me that I do not deserve, my God-fearing family, my comfortable life that lacks nothing, and of course running. I am truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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